Rental in Santander
of Storage rooms, Closed parking for
Caravans and Mini-storage

Do you need space for your things from home,
business, motorhome...?
We offer you a tailor-made solution

Keep in our storage rooms everything that does not fit at home, that you do not want to throw away, and you want to have on hand safely and 365 days a year.

Rental of storage rooms and mini-storage for self-employed professionals. It allows you to store everything you need for your activity with security and easy access 365 days a year.

Permanent parking for motorhomes, caravans, boats and trailers.
- Parking spaces and storage rooms
- Parking spaces up to 10 meters deep x
3.30 m wide
- Free height of 5.50 m
- Storage rooms associated to the parking space from
6,60 m2 useful (3,30 x 2 m) up to 13 m2

of renting storage rooms in T20

At terminalT20 we know that the need for space can be very diverse,
from small homes, to moving or space for work tools, the rental of storage and mini-storage is an efficient solution.
storage and mini-warehouse rentals are an efficient, safe and economical solution,
secure and economical solution

24 h security
24 h surveillance
by surveillance cameras

365 days
Access seven days a
days a week

Access to the inside of the facilities is
is by means of a PIN code and the storage room is
and the storage room is protected
with a lock

Where are we?

The Caravan Parking and
Mini Storage T20 at:
Polígono la Cerrada I, 38
Camargo. Cantabria

Storage T20 at:
Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, 1
Maliaño. Camargo. Cantabria

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