Closed parking for Caravans and
Boats with 3,000 m2.
Guarded 24 h.

- We have active and passive security: fire alarm, 24-hour video surveillance, ...

- Permanent car park in a closed warehouse of 3.000 m diaphanous, natural light and maximum quality of materials.

- Suitable for all types of vehicles, mainly for motorhomes, caravans, boats and trailers.


We offer you all the necessary comforts so that you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

24 h security
24 h surveillance cameras

24 h x 7 days
Access 24 hours a day, seven days a week


Water intake for tank filling

Water drainage
Grey and black water emptying area

Storage rooms
associated to the spaces
From 6,60 to 13 m²


The T20 caravan park is located at the entrance to Santander on the S10 at Maliaño, 2 km from Severiano Ballesteros airport, 1 km from the FEVE train station, 10 km from the Brittany Ferries terminal in Santander.

How to get there:
From Santander: S10 towards Bilbao/Exit 5 (Maliaño, Guarnizo, Zona Industrial).
From Bilbao:
Motorway A8/S10, direction Airport, Port, Ferry, Santander/Exit 5 (Maliaño, Guarnizo, Industrial Zone).

Near the T20 car park you will find:


Intercity bus

Local train

Taxi service

Shopping centre

Brittany Ferries Station


Santander, hockey, male, Cantabria, Spain

Permanent parking for motorhomes, caravans, boats and trailers, check rates and availability.

Parking spaces and storage rooms
- Parking spaces up to 10 metres deep x 3.30 m wide
- Free height of 5.50 m
- Storage rooms associated with the parking space from 6.60 m2 (3.30 x 2 m) up to 13 m2 (3.30 x 2 m)



- • Generous seat sizes ...
- • Tailor-made seating configuration.
- • Possibility of a closed storage room associated with the parking space.

Active and passive fire safety: complies with sectoral regulations TECHNICAL BUILDING CODE: CTE SI (fire safety) and REGULATION ON FIRE SAFETY IN INDUSTRIAL ESTABLISHMENTS (RSIEI).

- • Structure with fire resistance greater than 90 minutes.
- • Evacuation routes and three pedestrian emergency exits distributed throughout the building.

- • Fire extinguishing installation by means of Equipped Fire Hydrants (BIE) 6 units, pressure group with a capacity of 12,000 litres and portable extinguishers.
- • Smoke detectors.
- • Alarm with push buttons.
- • Emergency lighting and signalling.
- • External fire hydrants for use by firefighters.

Security against theft
- • 24h surveillance cameras.
- • Personalised access control.

- • Cleaning and evacuation area.
- • Covered courtesy car park for cars.

2 large automatically operated access gates.
Minimum internal passage height of 5.50 m.

Excellent natural lighting allowing photovoltaic recharging.
Automatic, general and zoned interior LED lighting with automatic activation.
Individual power sockets for each user next to the plaza.
Clear signage for easy interior orientation.
General cleanliness ensured.
Natural and forced ventilation to avoid humidity and odours.
Communal areas with toilets, vending machines and facilities for people with reduced mobility.


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